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Need some extra help with your scientific writing?

If you’re working on an important text, you may want an external perspective from other researchers. Or, if your workload is slowing down your scientific writing, we can help you organise your ideas and advance your writing efficiently. As scientists and editors, we offer scientific editing and writing services to help you create a coherent story, a well-organised argument, and a polished final text.

Elevate your paper to the highest scientific standard

As experienced publishing scientists, we understand the challenge of writing papers at the end of a research project. We work with you to help clarify your scientific story, connect the ideas, and perfect the language of your paper.

If you already have a draft of your article, we take the perspective of a reviewer, editor, and reader to help you to get it ready for submission. If you don’t yet have a draft, and you need help to organise your ideas, we create a workflow to build your article together and iteratively, using our established methodology.

Scientific reports & theses

Get extra help from our experts at TPM with your scientific writing

As researchers, we know the difficulty to balance your research work with the scientific editing and writing tasks. We can help you to plan, shape, and prepare your scientific reports and thesis. 

If you already have a draft of your text, we work with you to improve the structure, flow, and language. If you don’t yet have a draft, we build it together with our established iterative methodology.

TPM Experience in Scientific Writing

Let our multidisciplinary team of experienced scientists help you

Since 2013, our team has helped scientists to publish over 600 scientific articles and reports. We have worked with ~100 universities, institutes, agencies, foundations, networks, and companies from a dozen countries in Europe and beyond.  

Principal Investigator at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)

I am very satisfied with the accompaniment during the project, the different focus of each module, the comments and review in the proposal’s documents to improve the proposal, the materials you provided me with and the language improvements you added.

Principal Investigator at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC)

When developing a scientific proposal, it is very common to get lost in the scientific/technical details, and neglect key aspects that are considered in the evaluation. The feedback I received was very useful to identify and address these problems. I also value very much the different exchanges I had with the grants support manager, to solve doubts and discuss the best ways to address some feedback.

Principal Investigator at Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden

Excellent overall guidance. Excellent service and timely delivery! I am very satisfied.

Researcher at the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM) Barcelona

Insightful, structured, objective and constructive review process.