Grant Consulting

Need some help with your grant application?

We help you make sure your project idea fits well with the aim of the call, and guide you in keeping your writing on track for submission.

During busy periods, it can be difficult to keep your grant writing process under control while writing a compelling project proposal that matches the call. We support you as you put your application together and help you improve your chances of getting funded.

Our Grant Support Workflow

Are you just about ready to submit, but need an external perspective to make sure everything is just right? Or are you just getting started and need some orientation about the call and how to move forward? Or perhaps you require someone to guide your team through the entire process? We have built a modular workflow that gives you the level of support you need, depending on the level of maturity of your project.

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Critical assessment of how well your project idea matches the call you’re aiming for.

Planning and Structural Writing

We use an efficient writing technique to help you build your argument and flesh out the sections of the application.

Initial Scientific Review

We review your early draft proposal to help you clarify the scientific idea, and make sure it’s aligned to the aims of the funding program.

Extended Scientific Review

We do a detailed critical review of your advanced draft to make sure that the ideas are well structured and consistent, the application fits the call requirements, and where applicable, your CV is compelling.

Pre-Submission Review

We help you to improve style, flow and readability to bring your proposal to submission-ready standard.

Interview Preparation

Congrats, you’re almost there! We help you prepare you highlight your main messages, and deal with the challenging questions you’ll face.

Our Experience in Grant Writing

We have supported dozens of clients throughout Europe

Our team has supported dozens of scientists applying for calls such as the ERC-AdGStG, and CoG, national Junior Leader calls, the MSCA-PF and ITN (now DN), various SWaFS and Societal Challenges calls, applications to the COST Actions, and Severo Ochoa calls.

We work with researchers at universities and research institutes throughout Europe.

Dr. Ananya Ashok, Researcher at the Institute of Marine Sciences, Barcelona

"TPM identified areas of opportunity very well. Their feedback contributed to reducing disagreements within the proposal team and facilitated a more consensual approach to improving the proposal. Provided a well-written overview of the strengths and improvement potential of the application. Provided useful edits and comments allowing me to determine changes as deemed best. Provided a one-on-one session to discuss the feedback and clarify any questions. Overall, insightful, structured, objective and constructive review process."

Prof. Pedro Cermeño, Senior researcher at the Marine Sciences Institute, Barcelona

"The review was very competent and professional. The proposal was greatly improved by the advice from the TPM team. I highly appreciate the online exchanges, comments on the proposal, speed of the review and availability even after the agreed deadline."

Prof. Nicola Poccia, Group Leader at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden

"The support I received from TPM was excellent. I appreciate the professional and friendly interaction during all the way. "

Group Leader at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

"When developing a scientific proposal, it is very common to get lost in the scientific/technical details and neglect key aspects that are crucial for the evaluation. The feedback I received was very useful to identify and address these aspects. I also value very much the different exchanges I had with the grant support manager, to solve doubts and discuss the best ways to address the feedback."

Group Leader, Civil and Environmental Engineering at UPC, Barcelona

"I am very satisfied with the accompaniment during the project, the different focus of each module, the comments and review in the proposal’s documents to improve the proposal, the materials you provided me with and the language improvements you added."

Group Leader, Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Green Institute, Stockholm University

"The Application was read accurately, and I had the best comments and discussions. I felt that I received very good comments. The grammar was beautifully corrected, and the sentences were simpler and much easier to read. Overall, it was a heart-warming journey with TPM and I felt encouraged throughout the process of grant writing."

Group leader, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, Dresden

"Excellent overall guidance. Excellent service and timely delivery! I am very satisfied."