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Scientific Editing & Writing

Is your workload slowing down your scientific writing? Or do you just need an external perspective? We can help with editing and writing to bring your scientific paper, report, or PhD thesis to the highest standard.


Grant  Consultancy

Need extra support to make sure your ideas are clear, well-organised, and adapted to the call? Or simply to keep your grant writing on track?

We’re the expert reviewer who’s on your side!


Training For Scientists

Organising training in transferable skills for researchers in your institute or research network? Our practical & engaging workshops are highly rated by thousands of participants throughout Europe.


Researchers and institutes who trust us with their science


Scientific Writing & Editing

Miquel Angel Fullana, Researcher, IMIM:

“They not only do a great editing job, but they also have a lot of scientific experience. They polish my papers so that, not only is the science clear, but there’s also an interesting story behind it.

Workshops & Training

Sandra Mechó Meca, Radiologist, Futbol Club Barcelona:

Fast and detailed work, at the excellence level. You have looked for the specified author guidelines of the Journal, you have reviewed all the details”

Grant Support

Francesc Baró Mariné, Responsable de la Unitat de Menopausa d’Alt Risc, Vall d’Hebron Hospital

“You sent the manuscript on time and I would recommend your services to a colleague.

Who We Are

ThePaperMill. We are a Barcelona-based team of scientists with years of experience in scientific research and publishing

We understand the research ecosystem with all its strengths and weaknesses, and we use our experience to provide innovative training and editing solutions for researchers.

We look forward to joining your team.

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Scientific writing is a step-by-step process that should be approached systematically. It is important to start by planning, then develop a structure, and finally refine the language. We also suggest to iteratively revise your work at every step. Mixing the steps does not save time, instead it leads to more mistakes that are then more difficult to fix and time-consuming.